Jenkins - The Adventure Zone
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  • I'm not proud of this life at all.
  • I was a heavy-set moon elf with blue-grayish skin, dark blue hair, and gold eyes. My hair was longer when I was younger, but I changed my appearence regularly to avoid suspicion.
  • I had no knowledge of the powers of the artifact, I merely knew it was valuable.
  • I really did love that garden. It was nice to have something living. It made me feel less monsterous.
  • The crab-like creature mentioned in canon was actually a common thing in Rockport, both used as a tool for melting steel and as food.
  • Brian was a tall drow with purple skin, long silver hair, and very exaggerated canines. Somewhat pronounced canines were common in drow and moon elves, but mine weren't particuarly noticable.
  • I spent a lot of my time in the astral plane with Brian and Maarvey. All I really remember of it was a misty purple expanse, filled with wandering souls.
  • Maarvey was fond of pretending to point out people I'd killed. I'd usually hide behind Brian whenever he did.