Equus - Evocationstuck
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  • I love this life. It was one of the only lives I felt as though I had a real family.
  • I was a large, satyr-like demon. I had dark gray skin, black horse legs, light gray horns similar to my normal ones, and bat-like wings.
  • My eyes were black and white, but shifted fluidly, often with my emotions. Black with white rings, one black and one white, white pupils on black scleras, etc.
  • I was a vergitarian, rather odd for a demon.
  • I wan't allowed out of the house.
  • Who or what is summoned from a circle is based at least partially on the 5 objects places around it. One of mine was the bow of a violin.
  • I understood whatever human language they spoke, but physically could not imitate most words. I did eventually learn to say Nepeta's name, at least to the best of my ability.
  • None of my family really agreed on how to pronounce my name, so they often referred to me with nicknames.