The morning light was blocked by dusty, dirty blinds
And I could hear your vodka kisses shouting,

"Fight, fight, fight, fight!"

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Mouse, my host and partner. They're a very good friend, even if our companionship may be somewhat forced. they're very understanding and patient with me.

Vergil, whom i'm not quite certain of my relationship with at the moment. still, i love him dearly. he's incredibly gentle and thoughtful.

tequila and sammy! sister and brother, they're very sweet cats. tequila is very affectionate and lazy, while sammy is very independent.

neo and mixy! neo is from a shelter, while mixy was a stray. neo likes to chase shadows, he's very active. mixy is very photogenic and enjoys climbing on people.

mommy and baby tabby! they're strays who we take care of. baby tabby doesn't like to come near people, but mommy is very sweet.